Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Napa Valley Day

I live in a two story house.
I awoke when I heard someone say,"Is the coffee ready?".
The dogs barked and a basket full of tourist were literally gliding by my bedroom window. I dove under the covers until it lifted up, over my roof top and landed out front.
Just another summer day in the Napa Valley, California.


Pat Winter said...

How delightful! I would have been as excited as a child on Christmas morn. You are so lucky to get to experience that.Have a beautiful day!

Lola....L..O..L..A....lo--oh--luh! said...

Just another day in Paradise!

Pam Aries said...

WEll..ya don't see that every day !

vivian said...

ha! thats too funny! I remember when I was a teenager getting a new roof put on the house and waking up to men on the porch roof which was right out my bedroom window! but I also remember that one of them was very attractive !! I also remember that I decided to spend the day by the pool that day in my bikini!!
have a great night!

Natasha Burns said...

LOL that's something different for sure!

Terisa did you get my email? I sent you one and I'd hate to think it went to spam. It's something I need to get an answer on urgently, please let me know if you didn't get it and I'll send it to you via etsy or something.... Thanks! Natasha

mizmollye said...

Oh boy.this brings back some good memories. My late husband and I lived there from '88 to '93 and had a date on an anniversary one year to take a hot air balloon ride with a champagne brunch out of Calistoga and the weather turned bad and it was cancelled. Beautiful shot!

trisha too said...

well, that's just funny!

cindy said...

LOL! Oh my gosh...how great is that!

yapping cat