Monday, October 26, 2009

All Things Pretty

I'm still making notes for my personal makeover at the end of the year.
I'm adding these to my wardrobe file.
I want to wear a top like this:
With a skirt like this:
I want to go to the grocery store in this and...

Oh who am I kidding?
If this is a true makeover, I plan on never stepping foot in a grocery store again.
Therefore, I will be sitting at my computer, ordering from while sipping a chai latte in this:

Then I will walk the dogs through the park in this:

Before going out to dinner in this:

See more of this and that at
All things pretty by Debra Dorgan


Anonymous said...

wow those are just gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I'm SO chuffed!! Thankyou so much for finding all these items ito help create your dream world, ha!
So much appreciated, love it!
Love Debra x (AllThingsPretty)

vivian said...

IF I were thin and a bit younger.. I would also wear every piece of that ! such pretty things.. kind of 70ish.. hippyish.. yeah.. thats my style!
have a sweet day!

Maggie R said...

These are absolutely beautiful... If I could find one I would wear it.... Grannies can have fun too!!!!

Tia said...

Wow!! What I wouldn't give to have a firmer, more youthful body (ha!) so I could wear those beautiful garments! I am just in LOVE with 2 of those pieces...

Nx said...

*Love* the second photo so Bohemian Hippie Chic.

my little Aura said...

Beautiful work! This is just art :)

Catharina Maria said...

This looks all beautiful for me !

You have visit my blog and you cab translate with google in the site bar if you will .
My English is bad sorry for that !!
love from the Netherlands Rini