Monday, October 19, 2009

Recycled and Revamped: Dog sweater

Won't Pita be the talk of the park sporting her new recycled, revamped sweater.
What was once her human sisters hand me down, has now become her latest fall fashion.
A cream colored, acrylic cable knit, has been cut up and restitched to fit her tiny physique. Embellished with ruffles around the upper shoulder and bordering the hemline for added style.
She has added hand crocheted flowers to accent her eye color which can be changed out in different colors to match her mood for the day.
See you at the park Pita!


Anonymous said...

very cute!

Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

Now this is just freaking adorable! I so am loving this! Have a wonderful and creative week!

vivian said...

love it! How adorable she is in it!
hey.. are you up for a little christmas elf swap by anychance? I'm looking for a few extra creative girls.. just posted on my blog.. would LOVE tohave you play.. but totally understand if you cant. But do stop by and check it out.

calamity kim said...

well, that has to be the cutest dogie sweater ever! I just love it! Now, maybe some little boots to match?

Carmen said...

She is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

deb did it said...

oh my G...cutest damn dog I ever saw.....that sweater rocks!

Christi said...

Your pooch is so cute! I love this idea, but will have to do some adjusting to fit my big dog. Thanks for sharing!

caren said...

Just darling!!!! She must feel so fashion forward!

veleta said...

her sweater is so cool!!! Veleta

vivian said...

I forgot to answer you about the fur coats. The answer is yes, but they are very difficult as the hides usually split and its difficult to get needles through them Ive used pliers for the ones I've made. There are pictures in the bears set on my flickr is you want to see some. they do make beautiful bears. just a lot of work!