Monday, October 5, 2009

Art Class

My first day of teaching art class to 4th graders!

The class went well except for two students.
We'll just call them J and P.
Everyone made collaged name tags.
J and P cut, giggled, made loud noises and stuffed papers into their pockets.
I now have a Vogue magazine with the models missing their upper body torso's!
Oh, the things you can learn in Art Class.


Donna O. said...

You 'sabbi-wabbi'- dolly. That face- you just cracked me up BAD!!
Thanks T.

Pat Winter said...

LOL! Cute post..I wonder what "P" & "J" will remember in art class! Love your "Pink" necklace :-)

faerie enchantment said...

LOL, too funny, what an ART CLASS adventure!

Marilyn said...

*snicker-snicker* 10-year olds!
Love your photo, lol!!

inventivesoul said...

What a cool looking teacher you are!!!
I love the whole post!!!!

Ahhh... 4th grade.

turquoise cro said...

YOU look like what my daughter felt last Friday in her class! She is even considering being DONE with teaching! The world will have a loss I told her! Time will tell! Thank YOU for letting me know Frida Me did get a home! LOL I just saw your comment! and I don't think I ever thanked YOU for sending those calendars! Now, to go get my address off!! Thanks!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

I taught elementary art for several years, wrote the program, designed the lessons and trained parent docents. When I left a little over a year ago my program had over 1000 students, in 45 classrooms and 80 some parent docents participating. So, let me just say that I totally understand and that look you're wearing . . . I know it well! Congratulations, you continue to change the world my dear in your fabulous and generous style! And I have a strong suspicion that you are a much more fun teacher than I ever was! I still volunteer at a new school near where I have moved and teach art every Friday afternoon in a club after school. Watching kids create is addictive so you know you'll be doing this forever I hope. Your life will never be the same - in a good way. Yay for you!

Sandra said...

jajaja. great!

Lauren said...

Too funny! :-)