Tuesday, October 27, 2009


This guy literally fell out of the sky in front of me about a month ago.
I loved his steampunk look, so I'm including it into my personal makeover file.

If "he" were "me" or "I" were "him", what would I wear?
I'd begin with this great jacket and bloomers from Lovechild Boudoir

I'd never be scene without a pair of co ordinating goggles by Neverwas

I'd top off my outfit with a hat by porkshanks

And I'll finish with these spats from Maides Treasuries.

I realized after finishing this wardrobe collection it all would have fit into the scenes from a

Wild Wild West

and I can remember the first one with Robert Conrad and Ross Martin.
That was way before Kevin Klein and Will Smith hit the big screen.


Chris said...

Really COOL stuff. love it. I'm inspired to see that film, now, too.

Mollye said...

Whoa nellie, If I had those smokin hot boots maybe something like that would fall from the sky in front of me too. Ok guess i can still dream huh. Mollye

yvette said...

wow you arrived on my blog so I could land here...what a surprise...love your work!


inventivesoul said...


Maide said...

Oh...what a sweet message and surprise.
Thank you very much for posting one of my spats into your great steampunk blog.
I also will follow your space from now on :-))))

Ralonda said...

It was because of this blog entry that I made my first pair of spats and also found Lovechild's Boudoir. I am now making a corseted jacket with a bustle that was inspired by this journey you have given me a ticket to. Thanks a bunch and you will be able to see it on my blog when I am done.(After Christmas)