Saturday, November 14, 2009

Art Class: Kindergarten

Zentangles "kinder" style.
Hubbie and I are teaching art in elementary school classes for a grant based nonprofit called, On The Move. For the next ten classes, I have kindergartners!
This is a first for me with this age group. They are like a bunch of puppies, cute and wiggley.
This weeks project, named "Dizzy Doodles" went over well.
Each student had a spectrum of fine point colored markers. We talked about "warm colors" vs. "cool colors". With a large piece of white paper and markers, we began.
I called out, "choose a warm color marker and somewhere on your page begin drawing lollipops". I then demonstrated how to draw the shape. These were imagined names I came up with for patterned elements.
After they drew for a bit, we changed to a "cool color" marker and I demonstrated the next shape, kittie ears. They then drew that pattern for awhile. We drew our way alternating between warm and cool color choices and different pattern elements.
They had to make composition choices, color choices and recognize the difference between the warm and cool colors. They learned patterns, followed directions, practiced fine motor skills, stayed in there seats and only wiggled while changing markers. At the end of class one little guy had written ABABABAB (his initials) all across the back of his paper and informed me he had just created an AB pattern!
This goes into my "success" folder of ideas.


vivian said...

Arnt kindergarteners fun? I used to work for a drug and alcohol counseling clinic and used to do educational programs in the schools sometimes. I would go into all the classes. In the kindergarten classes I would talk about what is safe to put in their mouths and what things they should never touch, etc. The kids were so cute, I would ask if any one had aquestion and someone would always raise their hand and tell me something bizarre and so far from the subject matter that I would be floored! like.. my brother josiah has one blue eye and one red eye and he can stand on his head for 100 hours! They always cracked me up. Have fun! YOu sound like a great teacher!

Lola....L..O..L..A....lo--oh--luh! said...

It is amazing what is inside those little creatures. They come as perfect artists, and somehow it gets ruined. My favorite art pieces are done by Kindergarteners!

Fete et Fleur said...

This is a beautiful thing to be doing! This post touched my heart. I'm always amazed by the art that comes from small children. They are so open to the possibilities of wonder, and haven't yet closed themselves off to their imagination.


Chris said...

oh, come ON! The names for the elements? Right now I'm doodling a sketchbook and I just know I'm going to be calling my elements by these names!

Ginny Henley said...

I have come across both your art and your husband's art five times in the last week. I love it, all of it. You viewed my fish ornaments on Flickr and I linked through your pages to find this kindergarten art class. Great approach. I'm in charge of my grandchildren this week and you may have saved my bacon! Thank you, Ginny Henley