Saturday, November 7, 2009

Winter Wonderland

I know it's not quite winter yet, but I couldn't wait to post these!

Flickr photo by: by palapa

The dress I will be wearing on Christmas Day.

Artwork by: Gillian Lee Smith

The painting my wonderful family will have purchased for me.

Flickr photo by: Serni
What it will look like outside, but not to worry.
I'll be sitting inside by the fire.

Flickr photo by: Globalcoolo

This is the necklace that I'll put on.
(It's green you know. Out of plastic bottles!)

Flickr photo by: Miss Violonjello

In spite of the weather outside I'll have flowers all over the house like these!

They NEVER die!

Earrings by Boutique Boheur @ etsy

Even though I no longer have pierced ears, I may just dangle these off my bodice in a prominent location.

Flickr photo by: johnscopeent

And this will be the dress I change into before I go out to play.
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Household 6 said...

Why am I thinking "pasties" when I read your bit about the earrings. Made me chuckle.
I can't get over the soda bottle necklace - whoa! I need to start buying soda bottles!

Jane said...

Gorgeous - always love your blog!

Jane - Jacksonville