Thursday, November 12, 2009


Artwork by: Kelly at The Poppy Tree

Ladybugs like butterflies are just too darn cute.

Felt art by: Feltinlands

Flickr photo by: Robert Seber

The fact that they are red, round and have polka dots help.

Jewelry by: Tztudio at etsy

So it got me thinking...

If I drove a car like this.

Flickr photo by: Miss Pasta

Wore a corset like this,

Corset by: Electradedesigns at etsy

and a skirt like this.

And I finished off my outfit with a purse like this.

Purse by: Giseles Originals at etsy

Would I look hot like this?

Illustration by: Rennaissance Brighton

Or would I look like this?

Flickr photo by: Just taken pics
Round, red, polka dot and cute.


Natasha Burns said...

Terisa, these are fabulous! What a great collection of ladybug creations!

Diane said...

Isn't that young man georgous? He's my grandson.. but the whole design thing is pretty fabulous too! Great idea and imagination!!

Diane said...

Thanks for the nice comment on Sea-Ami; yes, we've been foster parents for several years. Less now days but still taking emergency and respite placements. I have been tempted to adopt with just about every placement we've ever had (LOL) but He has had other plans for us. We are now enjoying retirement and traveling a bit. Just want to help out when we can.

When the good Lord decides, we will get our answers about Jeremy, I pray each night that I trust Him to lead and that I know that it will happen in His time. Thank you for your kind thoughts and for your prayers.

Diane Beatty