Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Aunt Phyllis Turned 80!

Aunt Phyllis turned 80! What a blessing to have lived life to this age. Family and friends flew in from all over to surprise her and celebrate the day. It was a wonderful family reunion with four generations present. My Aunt bravely left Minnesota where she had lived most of her life to start anew in sunny California. The state where "nothing dies" (ie,plants) as she puts it. She never wears a coat and in five years has never been cold. She smirked and told me how she saw a man in the grocery store wearing a coat, mittens and a hat..."Bless his heart I think he might have been special," she whispers to me as she tells me the story. No, he was just cold. Out here in California we have been having low 40 degree days and THAT'S COLD to us!

So to prepare for the big day I, the not-so-great-cook, (ok, not a cook at all) convinced my father that we should cater it ourselves! Thank goodness for good friends and COSTCO! Everything came together wonderfully with food to spare.
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karen said...

Your celebration sounds delightful! I am sure Aunt Phyllis was quite honored to be the grande dame of the party! I love the story of her discreetly confiding that a chilly soul may be "special" because he wanted to keep warm! Too funny!! Glad everything went off without a hitch!! :-) Have a wonderful weekend. And I must say I am so very, very honored to be listed on your blogroll!! :-) Thank you!!