Saturday, May 17, 2008

Color, texture, fiber

I find myself intrigued by many different artists.

cocoon designs etsy

I actually was feeling quit anxious about creating a blog because

I didn't feel like I had a clear visual style.

Atelier Mônica de Godoi's flickr

I just was not sure what my" look " was.

cocoon designs etsy

There is a definite difference between my appreciation of other artists

and what my personal God given style is.

Kat Wise

Blog land has given me the opportunity to try to hone in upon my "look".

I'm not sure I there yet,

but I am beginning to discover what I am consistently drawn too.


Studio Karma


Studio Karma


cocoon designs etsy

and a synthesized combination of different elements.

So there you have it. Where my look is today.

Now make sure to go visit these artists:

Kat Wise who made the sweater jacket and cuffs. She's my hero...wait until you read about her and see more of this girls prolific adventures in life and art.

Karna at Cocoon designs does the wonderful soft sculpture dolls. She is also doing dolls in polymer clay. Amazing work!

And Studio Karma....She does the fun and whimsical jewelry.


Funky Art Queen said...

These are wonderful artists. I am so drawn to color-multi color and high saturation. It is just a high I get from these beautiful colors. Also, love different and unusual. We will always be learning our style and ever changing. That is the beauty of what we do.

vivian said...

hi Terisa! I love that bunny! I think I appreciate and love alot of different types of art too, always looking for something a little different! the pictures you posted are great!

barbara burkard said...

WELCOME to blog land!!! THANKS FOR VISITING MY BLOG! (don't be a stranger!) I do believe your art is just LOVELY! you have a definite style!


jillian said...

Beautiful post! I love all the art that you chose. Thanks for sharing such inspiration!!

Christine said...

Good Morning, Terisa!

You won the "What's in a Name" contest at the Extra Sprinkles blog.

Email me your address and I'll get that magic wand in the mail to you.


BTW, your pics are so clear. What camera do you use?


Sweet B Folk Art said...

I love your blog - you always have wonderful visual images to go with your postings!

Sweet B

Sweet B Folk Art said...

I love your blog - you always have wonderful visual images to go with your postings!

Sweet B

KarenHarveyCox said...

What fun, I love the music and all this color. If this is who you are than I am signed to your RSS feed. Thanks for the links, all this color and vibrant mood really perked me up today. Karen

Linda said...

WOW! Great stuff!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

thank you again terisa -so great to be a part of your world-karna-cocoondesigns