Thursday, May 1, 2008

It's a Circus

Doesn't this just cry out Vintage Circus Party Swap!

This is all from my swap partner, Michelle at Life On This Good Day.

Just look at all the wonderful gifts she sent. See the cute party hats she made?

I love the vintage circus photos and the seals are salt and pepper shakers.

I have a daughter that wants to run away and join the circus someday, and she's the kind of kid that just might! She already owns her own "fat suit" just for fun and has confiscated every costume left over from my costume shop days.

You'd think that the fact that she hates clowns would have squelched her career but she is a determined gal.
The gorilla costume has officially moved from my garage to hers.
She joined me as I opened up my package and photographed and drooled on all my gifts.

Speaking of running away to join the circus.......

I went to watch my friend Lauren work the trapeze today!

She flew through the air with "almost" the greatest of ease.

She just might have a future in this field.

I wonder if she's afraid of clowns too!

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Missy Ballance said...

LOVE the vintage circus stuff! Wish I would have known about that swap!! SO FUN!