Friday, May 16, 2008

Funky Art Queen


Is that a word?

If not it should be, because it is the only word I can come up with to describe this art.

I won the drawing from Lesley at Funky Art Queen for an art store gift certificate.

But I love HER art, so I asked if I could have something of hers instead.

I would have been quite happy with just a print.

And this is what I got!

I love her work it's bright, animated, whimsical and colorful.....just like my hubbie... ~smile~

You too can own your very own if you go to her etsy shop.

Thank you Lesley, it is all wonderful and much more than expected.

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Alberta & Ava said...

I had to come vist yur blog, after you said we might be soul sisters, and after reading your favorite movies, I think we just might be. Don't you just LOVE a man that can dance?

No, my studio is not always that organized! I had just finished renovating and moving everything back in after painting the walls, desk, shelves etc. It stayed that neat about 3 minutes! I make big messes when I'm working on a project and then do a major clean-up before I start another.
Love, love, love your blog! In fact, I just added it to my links list.


Sea Dream Studio said...

Oh, what a great prize! Lucky you!! Have a great Sunday!

Funky Art Queen said...

Oh girl, thanks so much for giving me a moment to shine on your blog. I'm listing you as a link on my blog today so people who visit me may come and see you easily. Hugs from Texas.

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Hi there, Lesley AKA Funky Art Queen is one of my best friend's & one thing I love about her is her generosity. She is a very giving, kind & considerate person. I too am a big fan of her work! Glad you won her giveaway, & I know for a fact it pleased her heart that you wanted her art work instead of a gift certificate. Hugs, Renea