Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I don't know

Have you ever said to your kids
"Why'd you do it?"

And they would answer,
"I don't know"
Even though you think there must be an answer somewhere inside their little minds,
you realize you've been there too.
They really don't know why they did it.
All the questions in the world will never get an answer.
So, why did I go buy all this stuff when my friend Marie called and told me about the great yard sale across the street from her?
"I don't know"
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madrekarin said...

I think the answer is "Because." At least that's what it is at my house. :)

A Succession of Busy Nothings said...

"Someone had too" or my favorite and all too often used, "I didn't do it, She did it!"

Alberta & Ava said...

Or how about: "Everybody else did!"????