Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Day

Ahhh.... the First of May!

May Day.

The half way point between Spring and Summer.

The day best know for its tradition of dancing around the maypole

and crowning the Queen of May.

Friends exchange flowers, the sun shines bright and
the fragrant floral aroma floats in the air.

This is how we spent the day................

It's the day my dear daughter tested for her

drivers license!

Notice the "deer in the headlight" look in my eyes.

This is what I saw as I looked to the heavens to PRAY!

Well, she did it.

A big Thumbs up and a pass.
She is now officially known as the
"May Day Drivin' Queen"

(and this is the gift my kind neighbor brought over as my daughter drove down the street without me!)

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madrekarin said...

Having done that twice myself, I truly understand your trepidation. Ah, the hard part of parenthood- letting them take your car keys. But just think about all of the things you can have her do for you now. :)And she won't mind a bit!

Karen from A`Musements said...

You appear to have all of your hair and everything...

Congratulations to the New Driver!!! and Congratulations to the Driving Instructor ;-)

P.S. My daughter took driver's ed and let it languish like a bad piece of lettuce, wilting in the heat. She'll be 18 on May 17... no license yet. Maybe you could come teach HER to drive, now that your mission is accomplished at home?

My Crafty Little Page said...

Congratulations to the Teen Queen of the May for a monumental achievement!

pve design said...

my twin sons are 15, oh I may need a book like that.
2 please! congrats to the may day driver, driving miss daisy with scissors!

Senior Bowler-Carolyn said...

When I was in grade school--many. many years ago...we had a May Day Festival. All the classes did skit or dance or something with eleboarate costume that thier mother made--I was a blue butterfly.. and my sister wrapped the May Pole in a pink dress with a big white bow on the back. The 6th grade was the court and the King and Queen and all parents camw and watched us preforms. Kids miss so much today