Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Prom Season

It's prom season.

Gone are the days of decorating the high school gym.

Even mine 30 years ago, no one was decorating any gyms.

Maybe no one ever did.

Maybe that was just what happened in the musical Grease!

Hummm, note to self....ask Mom about the gym thing.

Every year I create prom gowns. I have made up to 25 in one prom season.

This one for Amy was a fun one to do.

A pretty in pink, 1950's style, with satin, lace and 18 yards of tulle!

Gowns, tuxes, limos, tickets, dinners, flowers and dates.
Thank the Lord I HOMESCHOOL!
Now, tell me about your prom......
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jillian said...

Oh, I love prom season! How fun that you get to bring someone's "dream dress" to life! It's really beautiful. Love your clothing.

Rosa said...

Hi Terisa,
Gorgeous dress!. Ah yes, the prom!!
My mom made my dress, I remember it to this day.
Have a great day.
Thanks again for visiting my blog!

Margar said...

Hi Treesa -- I still remember that dress that you made for Sami. So cool. Do you have an RSS Feed for your blog? XO -- Margar

Christine said...

Hi Terisa,
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I love meeting new people!

I love the pink dress you created for Amy. I want one! But, alas, my last prom was OVER 30 years ago. sigh.

And we did decorate the gym.

No limos. Powder Blue tuxedos, though. My girls just say Ewwwwww!

Our prom theme was "Color My World", a song by the group Chicago.

I am adding you to my blog roll. I hope you will add me to yours. :)

I'm having a contest at the Extra Sprinkles blog. Details will be posted today. Stop back and see what the prize is. It is something that Jillian made.


Christine Edwards said...

Terisa, I am so in awe at your many talents! I see where you won the Derby Hat Swap. Congrats! :-)

Christine Edwards said...

Terisa, I am so in awe at your many talents! I see where you won the Derby Hat Swap. Congrats! :-)

KarenHarveyCox said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous dress by the way. Prom oh, my favorite memory. My mom and I went to Lord and Taylor and I bought this dreamy blue long dress with just a few rhinestones to make it sparkle. I had light blue slippers to match. I was thrilled because it was featured in their ad in the New York Times. I went with the love of my life (at the time) and had a beautiful time. We all went to Long Beach Long Island to watch the sun come up. sigh, thanks for the memories. Later I went to a seamstress and had the dress cut down and she made a jacket out of the bottom. I wore it to many a formal wedding.

Teresa, you can buy black chipboard in any scrapbooking store. Happy panels.


Sweet B Folk Art said...

I look back at prom and laugh! - I bought my own dress - two tone with rusching and ruffles - peacock blue - with matching shoes no less!!!! AND - I made my date wear a white tux jacket - just like james bond!

I wish I had your talent for sewing - you are amazing!@!

Sweet B

madrekarin said...

That is such a beautiful dress!
Prom. Well, if I can remember back to 1976 and my senior
I wore a long Gunne Sax muslin dress with ballet flats because my date was shorter than me. I am trying to remember where it was held and I cannot, except that it was in Boston somewhere.
I still have the dress, believe it or not! Although it no longer fits, except in my dreams.

My Crafty Little Page said...

My goodness - that was Oscar the Grouch! Forgot the Muh Na muhna song!

Love your dress. Nancy

Muum said...

what a beautiful dress! My high school didn't decorate the gym, either, but my daughter's did (small town, NW Ohio, 2001!)

sammy said...

Morning... I never got to go to the proom... I was a bit of a nerd... But I do hope that they did decorate the prom gyms... I remember thinking of the themes, "over the stars" " Dreams", etc and thinking of awesome everyone must be looking... Love the dress you made! I would feel like a princess in it! and that is what I imagine the prom to be...amost 45 years ago...

Sabii Wabii said...

The answer is yes!!!!!!

Hawaii theme – 8 ft volcano with painted lava and red lights, cheese cloth died dark blue over the whole ceiling with white stars – a giant grass shack for the band – big palm trees all around – round tables for seating for everyone and small 18’’ palm tress on each table with leis for everyone – bamboo lined the walls with big flowers. Everything was hand made, it took weeks and we thought it was beautiful. YES we did decorate for prom in 1961.
My prom dress was in your costume shop. It was the fluffy pink one. I wore long white gloves, glass heels and a terra with my hair up. How things change. The vintage one you made was right on.
I love your blog. You have a great way with words and are really funny.
Love ya,
Aunt Cheri